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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  February 26, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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and then two blows to the head with the shotgun. >> a robbery victim tells the story of a bloody attack and robbery on a northwest d.c. street. good saturday, everyone. i'm craig melvin. that attack happened in the columbia heights area. while police are looking for the suspects, the victim is still rattled. darcy spencer is live in columbia heights for us tonight. darcie? >> reporter: the victim lost his money everyone some of his short term memory because he suffered a concussion in that attack. two things need to be done to make this neighborhood safer. >> i got a fist to the head and
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then two blows to the head with a shotgun. >> the videotaped beating of an innocent victim punched and struck in the head with a sawed off shotgun not once, but twice. all over the cash in his wallet. $60. >> i received a concussion, and i'm dealing with very significant memory issues. >> reporter: the victim says the three teen abled robbers jumped out here, a dark and dangerous alley off 14th and you can lid streets last sunday night. he was sur rounded, beaten and told to surrender the money or else. >> they were only interested in the cash. they had no interest in my wallet, they just wanted the cash many. >> the victim ended up here under the spotlight of a surveillance camera. police are releasing the video in hopes that it will lead to the arrest of the robbers. >> it's just unfortunate that this is the path that they're on. >> the victim says this alley way is the perfect hiding spot
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for would-be robbers. when we turn off the camera light, can you see it's very, very dark. the surveillance cameras here, they don't work. the victim says he learned after the attack that this alley has been a problem for years. and police can only do so much since it's on private property. >> all i want is for them to just light it up and lock it down. that's it. >> reporter: the victim says making the changes may not stop criminals, but it won't be so easy for them to target unsuspecting victims. >> they emerge unite, attack, and retreat. and there's nothing preventing them from escaping. >> the victim tells me that this crime has not changed the way he feels about the columbia heights neighborhood. it's absolutely a great neighbor. but now he's definitely more careful and watchful of his surroundings. live from northwest, darcy spencer, news 4. craig back to you. >> thank you, darcie. a woman says her mother may
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never walk the same again after a violent robbery in maryland. here's surveillance video from that. the victim's daughter says the robber knocked her down and dragged her across the floor. the victim is in the hospital with a shattered knee, broken finger, bruised ribs and a sore shoulder. >> it makes me furious, of course. >> we talked to the victim's daughter via telephone tonight. so far no arrests have been made. to the latest in libya tonight, there have been two major developments today, first the united nations voted unanimously to freeze all assets of moammar gadhafi and members of his family. the resolution also calls for a war crimes tribunal to investigate members of gadhafi's regime for crimes against humanity. and for the first time today,
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president obama called for gadhafi to step down, saying he's lost all legitimacy there. the officials estimate more than 1,000 people in libya have been killed in the past two weeks. about 150 people attended a rally outside the white house today. the group says it's behind the protesters fighting in libya and bahrain. they still have family members overseas. lots of protesters who packed dupont circle today. they showed up to rally for the union rights of wisconsin workers. it was one of dozens of demonstrations like it across the country today. so many in our area are worried that people here could soon lose their bargaining rights. >> reporter: they filled dupont circle, showing solidarity with those in wisconsin.
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a plan by the state's governor to bar organized labor among state work irs from negotiating any pay raises beyond inflation is union busting. the governor says it's about deficit busting. >> what we're doing right now is not about union busting at all. it's about balancing our budget. >> reporter: opponents of the effort say there are precedents. >> public workers have had to give up four days of furloughs. now, again, they are not the cause of the problem in the district of columbia. >> reporter: among the speakers, a former d.c. public school teamer and a nurse at the washington hospital center. >> the identical issues, the same professions in wisconsin that are suffering the same kind of policies are what are being implemented against us. >> today marks the birth of a great movement. wisconsin set off the spark. but now the candles have to be
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lit across america. >> reporter: efforts like this one in dupont circle aren't the only ones that are happening in places other than wisconsin. similar rallies are happening all over the country. wisconsin's governor's plan is spawning other notions of liberty and collective bargaining. the battle linings are forming. >> if we can bust a union in wisconsin, can you bust it anywhere. >> president obama says a government shut down would stall economic growth in his weekly radio and internet address. mr. obama called on lawmakers to agree on a new spending plan before march 4th, that's when the government would essentially run out of money and be forced to shut down. republicans are trying to get democrats to agree on a proposal that would cut $4 billion from the budget to keep the government running. temporarily at least, through march 18th. if you spend time at dulles airport, this past sunday, you may have been exposed to the
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measles. a passenger with measles was in the international baggage claim area between 3:15 and 7:15 p.m. people on the same flight as the infected passenger have also been notified. symptoms include high fever, runny nose, followed by a few days later of a rash, anyone exposed to this case of measles could still develop symptoms as late as march 13th. the escalator malfunction that made metro look like a mob scene. how metro plans to prevent this from happening again. that story still ahead. the space shuttle has arrived, why this docking at the international space station is one for the history books, folks. and how tattoo ink is replacing a popular beauty product for some women. we have a pretty nice day coming our way for tomorrow much but i think we may have an opportunity for some strong thorpes in the near future.
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a complete check of the sunday forecast and a look on down through the week coming up. in sports, the hoyas try to hang request sewith syracuse deg shorthanded. find out if the capitals can dig themselves out of
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this is video we brought you first on 4, we're seeing the chaotic moments of last ookt's escalator accident. passengers rode down the escalator, suddenly sped up then came to a screeching halt. riders were thrown to the ground several were sent to the
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hospital. overcrowding and a brake malfunction caused the accident. metro says it's taken more steps to improve escalator maintenance and safety. riders can expect delays this weekend, crews are updating the track and infrastructure systems. trains will run on a single track until tomorrow night. riders should add about 20 minutes to their travel times. the space shuttle "discovery" docked with the international space station for the last time this afternoon. "discovery" and its six crew members took supplies as well as a humanoid robot designed to fly into space. this is the 39th and final mission for discovery before it is retired and put on display in a museum. the first and to this date only african-american mayor of annapolis has died. john chambers, jr. died yesterday. he served on the city council
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for 14 years and was mayor for two months back in 1981. during that time he introduced legislation to make the job of mayor a full time job. he also led the fight to make martin luther king's birthday a city and state holiday. john chambers, jr. was 82 years old. one of hollywood's biggest nights. why producers for the oscars this year are preparing for a potentially messy scene on the red carpet. chuck bell is standing by. he's going to tell us about more ♪
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a dramatic solution for
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those who don't have eyebrows is catching on. for people who have lost their eyebrows due to hair loss, chemo or overplucking, tattooing is becoming quite the popular option. christine zimmerman uses a hair stroking technique. >> my mom had the hair loss condition of alopecia. ever since i could remember, she drew her eyebrows on. >> the entire process takes 45 minutes and lasts 2 to 5 years. hair stroke eyebrows are about $600 a pop. as stars get ready to glam up for this year's oscars, the producers for the 83rd annual academy awards have a special challenge at can the kodak theater this year. not only has rain rolled in, but an unusual arctic blast is predwikts as well.
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it could be a chilly 40 degrees to walk the carpet in the bare shouldered designer gowns tomorrow night. some of the films to keep an eye out for this year "the king's speech" "the black swan" and "the social network." the cleanup across our region is still going on tonight. a batch of hurricane-force winds tore through the area yesterday. winds got so strong, they damaged parts of roofs. they also snapped lots of trees and power lines as well. tens of thousands were left in the dark yesterday at one point. thankfully almost everyone has their lights back on tonight. pepco and virginia dominion have just a handful of outages tonight. bg & e says they hope to have all the lights back on by tomorrow night. nothing like that today? >> no. >> big turnaround today. yesterday winds 58 miles an hour at international airport.
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ferocious day of winds yesterday. didn't have to continued with that today. today was the day after the storm. much lower wind speeds, winds barely crossing the 10 mile an hour mark. we were in and out of a good bit of cloud cover, that's going to be the case for tomorrow. at least there's some warmer weather coming our way. the warmup starts tomorrow, and we may flirt with 70 degrees on monday. that's ahead of what could be powerful storms. all part of the same system which brought the threat of cold to southern california. even snow in the mountains outside of santa bash remark that's way down south in southern california. that same system is getting ready to turn the corner, late tonight and early tomorrow. and then come into the mid-atlantic as you get to late monday afternoon and monday night. for today, even with the clouds out in, we got to a high of 49. 12 out of the last 14 days have all been warmer than average.
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february as a whole, three degrees above average. the wind out of the south 3 miles an hour. today we topped out in the upper 40s, tomorrow will be 10 degrees warmer than that. current temperatures back down into the upper 30s, to around 40 in town and alongside the bay. milder air, even here at the late night hour, still nearly 70 degrees along the gulf coast. notice the warming trend out here to dallas, memphis, a 10 to 20 degree improvement over several hours ago. tomorrow we go from the 40s today, to the upper 50s and low 60s tomorrow, and then back into the upper 60s, and maybe even the low 70s as we get into the day on monday. the storm is getting ready to turn the corner down through the desert southwest. made up with a little service low pressure here in the southern plains, and really start to race across the country on a 100 to 125 mile an hour jet
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stream wind. fast moving showers and possibly stronger thunderstorms come through here. may have to worry about severe weather for the first time this year. severe thunderstorm related weather. when you get up in the morning on a sunday mostly cloudy, seasonably cool. wakeup temperature in the 30s, tomorrow afternoon, even with plenty of cloud cover again, milder again with highs in the upper 50s and low 60s. can't rule out a chance of sprinkles or light rain. mainly late tomorrow. probably after the sun goes down. monday afternoon, and monday night. could see some strong thunderstorms. back into the 40s and 50s for much of the week, after our flirt with 70 degrees on the final day of february. it will be our fourth day over 70 in february. >> those lows are quite tolerable compared to what we've been seeing. >> thanks, appreciate that. how the caps doug themselves out of another hole. and the hokies trying to topple number one.
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it's rare you see the capitals get embarrassed, but they were flatout samed last night. >> yeah. >> they were embarrassed. but maybe tonight, maybe not. we'll show you. capitals coach bruce boudreau tells it like it is. tonight he told his team they stunk. it's not really encouraging, but the message was true. the caps were on the verge of a repeat performance against the islanders. a time-out called by boudreau turned out to be the turning point. here it is, coach boudreau giving his team an ear full after going down 2-0 in the second period. cue the come back, bottom of
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your screen here, skates in, this is nesty, beats out montoya. that's when it goes between his legs. early third period, still 2-1 new york. behind the net, marcus johansson like driving to the net. watch closely here, the puck is loose out front for mike knuble. it's his 15th of the season. minutes later, having fun, caps fans in long island, same score caps on the offensive. rips it off the post and then the game-winner, his 22nd of the season. the caps defeat the islanders 3-2. the capitals did make a move today, claiming marco sterm off waivers for the kings. the 32-year-old had offseason surgery on his right knee.
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nba tonight, wizards at home against the mavericks, owner ted leantes enjoying the game with his son. john wall with it, shoots from way out, at the buzzer off the backboard and in. love that. wall had a team high 24 points. wizards down 91-82. watch this closely. 360 and it goes. how about that, young added 14 points, rockin' the afro. love that kid. wizards recently awared crawford, pullup jump, and it hits. it's tied at 7. caps an 8-0 run. ensuing mavericks possession. jason terry shot, no good. tyson chandler with the tip in, despite rallying, the wizards lose their fifth in a row. in the meantime, dallas has won 15 of its last 16. george mason runs its winning streak to 15 games tonight.
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they beat georgia state on the road in their regular season finale. senior day at georgetown, and for the first time since his freshman year. chris wright was on the bench. he broke his left hand in a game against cincinnati earlier this week. the hoyas expect to have him back for the ncaa tournament. until then the coach is preaching, everyone has to be a little bit better for a little bit longer. this afternoon, georgetown's first test without wright against syracuse. j.t. allowing seniors to bring their parents out for the first time since he's been head coach. chris wright and austin freemen, two of the best in how ya's history. late first half, georgetown trails by five. syracuse turns it over, starks replacing wright, ahead to freemen, check this out. up and under. pretty move, freemen had 16 points and former president, georgetown alum, bill clinton. i like that. hoyas down at the break.
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georgetown takes the lead. under 5:00 to go, they're up 6. scoop jardeen. he finished with 17 points. 30 seconds to play now, hoyas down 54 hich 51. jason clark in the corner for the tie. it's blocked by chris joseph. the orange get the rebound, take another look. barely tipped there, but it's enough, and that's it. georgetown loses to skier cause. the hoyas play their regular season finale against cincinnati next week. in blacksburg, the hokies take on duke. virginia tech leads by two, hokies to delaney, he's so smooth, buries the three-pointer, hokies have the lead. less than 10 seconds to go, hokies up 3. duke with a chance to tie, seth curry turns it over, and go crazy in blacksburg, virginia.
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tech upsets duke, 64-60, improving their ncaa tournament hopes. that's amazing. >> not a good season to be number one in college basketball either. >> no. >> they're not lasting too long. >> it was pretty sweet in blacksburg. "saturday night live" is up next. anne hathaway hosts. until then that's the news.
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